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Vikhayat Astrologer (Naveen Sharma) is world-famous astrologer having 14 years of experience and expertise, who solves love related problems, helps couples in love  who want to marry each other, Vashikaran specialist, Black magic specialist, helps couples in solving disputes, like divorce etc., he is also a specialist in helping people get their love back, and he is a specialist in love related Vashikaran and solving relationship disputes and problems of couples, his solutions are very great and he has given amazing results to his clients


Love problem solution

Love is the most beautiful in a person’s life,but when a person faces problems in love life, this l feeling turns into the worst feeling, Vikhyat Astrologer,is an expert of solving these problems

Love marriage specialist

Marriage  is the next step for a couple in love, and there are certain problems in love marriage,Vikhat astrologer provides assured solutions to all your problems

Vashikaran specialist

Vashikaran is a ritual used to gain control over anyone ,Vikhyat Astrologer is a renowned positive Vashikaran specialist which gives assured to innocent people

Black magic specialist

Vikhyat Astrologer is a black magic specialist, he is a professional and expert Black magic specialist, who is a learned astrologer who knows how to do different types of Black magic

Husband wife dispute

A married couple faces a lot of disputes, in the marriage, due to many reasons, Vikhyat Astrologer is an expert Husband Wife dispute solution provider who addresses these issues 

Divorce problem solution

Marriage is the sacred bond of life and due to problems it can end with a Divorce, Vikhayat Astrologer will help you get rid of all the issues in your life and help in living a smooth marriage

Get your love back

Finding true love is not that easy,and if, you lose your love, your heart gets broken in pieces,Vikhyat Astrologer can help you in bringing back the lost miracle of your life  

Love vashikaran specialist

Astrology has great opportunities for lovers,Vashikaran is a means by which you can attract the person you love. If you seek Vikhyat Astrologer’s support, you can always get your love back 

Relationship problem solution

Relationship is one of the most beautiful phase of life, but sometimes couple faces problems in Vikhyat Astrologer will use the best remedies for the issues that will ensure long relationship

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14+ Years Of Experience As Famous Astrologer

Vikhyat Astrologer (Naveen Sharma) is a popular, famous and learned astrologer, having 14 years of experience and expertise, who comes from a family of astrologers, he belongs to a generation of learned astrologers, his grandfather, as well as father, were also astrologers, he is a specialist of love related problems, positive Vashikaran, black magic, plus he solves disputes in between couples, he is also a specialist in love Vashikaran and solving relationship problems, many celebrities are also the clients of this astrologer, he is also a specialist in solving business-related problems too

What Our Clients Say


Vikhyat Astrologer (Naveen Sharma) is a  very friendly and non-judgemental learned Astrologer. His solutions to the love marriage problem l was facing, was just so amazing. He takes the proper time to explain in detail the charts plus he was genuinely concerned about our well-being, with his help I was able to get married to the love of my life, thank you so much Vikhyat Astrologer

Krishana Sharma

I have visited Vikhyat Astrologer (Naveen Sharma) with my Divorce problems with the hope that I can get an appropriate solution, he understood my problems completely and gave me a great solution by using my chart and my wife’s charts, our marriage was in a complete mess and about to end up with a divorce but now after visiting Vikhyat Astrologer, our married life is going so beautiful, I am grateful to you 

Usha Singh

Vikhyat Astrologer (Naveen Sharma) is a client  friendly and great astrologer, I consulted him after my partner left me, we were in deep love but due to certain problems, we had to face breakup, I was shattered due to it, I consulted him and got great results within a short span of time, I am so happy that I got my partner back 

Parvender Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions.

Vikhyat Astrologer is a world-famous astrologer because of the amazing results which he has given to his clients, many people around the world come to him because of his holistic specialities 

Many renowned celebrities are clients of Vikhyat Astrologer as his service is satisfying and he gives instant plus wonderful results to his clients, he is a very popular astrologer who is a specialist of all problems.

There is stereotype behind Vashikaran because of its name and meaning that it is only a negative thing but it is not true, it is of two types, both positive and negative, and Vikhyat Astrologer does positive only

Love is the most beautiful and wonderful feeling in a person’s life and ups and downs in the relationship can bring sadness in life, Vikhyat Astrologer is an expert of solving these all  kinds of love related problems and bringing back lost happiness between the couple by giving that assured positive results

Business Problems are tough to resolve. But now if a person uses astrology which is quite effective, it can bring immediate results to bring growth in your business, which is a speciality of Vikhyat Astrologer 

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Love Vashikaran Specialist

Want to get married to your lover, but don't the problems and obstacles are discouraging you to reach your destination. If you have decided to marry your lover but are worried about your family's response, you should visit our specialist in love marriage solutions. He will provide you with the best ideas and remedies to persuade your family and relatives and will also eliminate the issues which are being an obstacle for your wedding

Divorce Problem Solution

Marriage on this Planet is a sacred union in which two individuals are linked to each other in all facets of life. Since marriage gives birth to new families and new children who further spread culture and community, marriage is the basis of society and culture. Two unknown or recognized individuals begin to live together in married life, so they begin to fall in love with each other and from there start the simple life of modern society

Black Magic Specialist

The power to alter the law and algorithms of life and soul is granted to Black Magic or the superclass of regular magic. Often your problems become too static and difficult to solve as they do not rely on anyone else, but grow entirely from yours alone. It is the force by which harmful energy is extracted from us. When we come into the grip of negative energies, living life peacefully and keeping away from it becomes very difficult